Hermosa Beach – The beach lifestyle without the bummers


In January 2008, the Jennifer Lisle of the Los Angeles Times wrote an article highlighting the lifestyle in Hermosa Beach.  From the stunning views to the peaceful neighborhood, Hermosa Beach offers more to its' residents than just a beach-oriented culture! Known as the "less expensive" section of Hermosa Beach, East Hermosa, the 12-block slice south of Artesia Boulevard and roughly north of Anita Street, offers peaceful streets and stunning views. The beach is a 10-minute walk away, but East Hermosa feels more spacious than crammed … [Read more...]

Cruise the Beach along The Strand


Cruiser bikes are becoming more popular everywhere, but in the South Bay beaches, they are the way to get around.  In fact, in the Strand - which reaches from Redondo Beach to Hermosa Beach - you'll find cruiser bikes are everywhere! This July 2010 article from HelloLosAngeles.com examines in detail the best way to get around the Strand, and why these bikes are so popular in the South Bay beaches. Sitting upright on your cruiser, with little need to tap the footbrakes, you can cruise the flat path for up to 25 miles one-way from … [Read more...]

Redondo Beach: A Great Place to Live — And Workout!


If you live in Redondo Beach and can't afford a pricey gym membership or a personal trainer, there's good news - the beach gives you ample ways to get fit on a budget.  Dara Mazzie explains in this article from the Los Angeles Examiner how you can get a full body workout . . . for free! The Stairs & The Ramp First, walk, jog, or sprint up the stairs and then walk backwards down the ramp, which is better for your knees and stretches the calves. Then, walk, jog or sprint back up the ramp and walk down the stairs. Do this as many … [Read more...]

Hermosa Beach


Find the home of your dreams in Hermosa Beach - Maybe on the strand, like this one. Click to see all of our Hermosa Beach Real Estate Listings. Hermosa Beach is the quintessential beach community. … [Read more...]

Redondo Beach


Redondo Beach, your gateway to the South Bay. Find the home of your dreams in Redondo Beach - Maybe on the Esplanade, overlooking the beautiful Pacific - or in any number of charming neighborhoods. Click to see all of our Redondo Beach Real Estate Listings. … [Read more...]

Why Buy Instead of Rent – Information for First Time Home Buyers


When you're thinking about buying your first home, it's essential for you to be confident in your decision to buy instead of rent. However, you may not know about the many great reasons to buy a home! Here are just a few of them: Smart Investment When you invest in a home, it offers the possibility for appreciation in value. The equity becomes yours when you're still paying off your mortgage. You even get to live in it while your investment matures. Tax Advantages Since both mortgage interest and property taxes are tax deductible, … [Read more...]

South Bay Lifestyle


The Cities of the South Bay are idyllic examples of the beach lifestyle. The beach lifestyle is all about a relaxed attitude. Life is casual at the beach. The pace is unhurried. Nature provides excitement and time is spent outdoors as much as possibe. Living at the beach gives one a chance to make spending time outdoors a priority. … [Read more...]