Redondo Beach: A Great Place to Live — And Workout!

If you live in Redondo Beach and can’t afford a pricey gym membership or a personal trainer, there’s good news – the beach gives you ample ways to get fit on a budget.  Dara Mazzie explains in this article from the Los Angeles Examiner how you can get a full body workout . . . for free!

The Stairs & The Ramp

First, walk, jog, or sprint up the stairs and then walk backwards down the ramp, which is better for your knees and stretches the calves. Then, walk, jog or sprint back up the ramp and walk down the stairs. Do this as many times as you can. You can increase the intensity of your workout by skipping steps on the stairs, or doing lunges up the ramp. For a great calf workout, try sprinting backwards up the ramp, it’s a killer! But watch out for the dancing lady…she does some phenomenal footwork up and down the ramp with her headphones on and I once trampled her!  She is a regular down at Ave C and it is always inspiring to watch how much fun she is having.

The Bench Area

Just north of the staircase there is an area along the strand with a bench and a bike rack. The bench is great place to do push-ups, dips, and planks. You can also step up or jump up on top of it for a killer leg workout.

The Sand

The sand its great for just about any exercise, but I love to run and jump in the sand because it absorbs the shock to my joints and back. Try going for a long jog or performing short distance sprints. I use the garbage cans or light fixtures as markers to sprint between so I don’t have to carry cones. I like to combine sprinting and jumping by doing a tuck jump at each garbage can and then sprinting to the next one. You can also bring a towel and do some core exercises like crunches, Superman’s and mountain climbers.

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