South Bay Lifestyle

South Bay Lifestyle

The Cities of the South Bay are idyllic examples of the beach lifestyle. The beach lifestyle is all about a relaxed attitude. Life is casual at the beach. The pace is unhurried. Nature provides excitement and time is spent outdoors as much as possibe. Living at the beach gives one a chance to make spending time outdoors a priority. One also has ample opportunities for keeping in touch with people because everyone wants to visit you when you live at the beach. Make ‘seize the day’ your motto for life at the beach. Every day is a precious gift to be treasured when living at the shore.


Fun in the Sun at the Beach

  1. Relax and have fun because that’s what the beach lifestyle is all about. The pace is a bit slower at the beach. Time is found to enjoy nature and revel in time spent outdoors. A daily walk to view the sunrise or the sunset adds joy to life and gives one a chance to mingle with other people who are outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.
  2. Slip on a pair of flip flops and enjoy the casual feel of life at the shore. Comfort clothing is a must for the beach area. Flip flops are colorful, comfy, and add a bit of whimsy to life at the beach. Shorts are the norm during summer. It is rare to see anyone dressed formally in a beach town. Sweatshirts are needed for cool evenings and a windbreaker is a must for unexpected thunderstorms.
  3. Don a pair of cool sunglasses and apply some sunscreen and go for a stroll on the boardwalk. Life at the beach includes lots of fresh air and outdoor exercise. Enjoy the view of the ocean and listen to the birds sing. Being attuned to your body’s need for physical movement is part of the beach lifestyle. Healthy food is the norm and farmers’ markets abound and offer fresh fruits and vegetables.
  4. Ride a wave, float on a raft, sunbathe on the beach or surf. The options for fun are endless at the beach. When selecting a home at the beach, consider getting one with a little extra space. If you want them, you will have visitors frequently because most people love to visit the beach. Analyze the traffic patterns before you purchase a home. Some areas right near the beach will have very dense traffic on summer days.
  5. Reading a good book is a great way to spend time while living at the beach. Expand your mind while enjoying the great outdoors at the beach or in your backyard. The laid-back beach life is enhanced even more when reading a great novel that keeps your mind entranced while your body relaxes.

things you’ll need:

  • sun screen
  • flip flops
  • sun glasses
  • a relaxed attitude
  • a good pair of sneakers for walking
  • a spot in your home for visitors

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